San Telmo Luxury Suites - Romantic Hotel - Buenos Aires, 1098, Argentina

Enrico´s Caffè

Enrico´s Caffè is a unique place.

This warm space surrounded by bricks, metal and very old centenarian wood, combines style, epoch and art in a highly harmonious way and invites you to enjoy the House from a different perspective.

The exquisite hand-carved bar invites to the tasting of wines, drinks and good local coffee. Its three loft style levels are also the exquisite place were breakfast is served every morning.

Enrico´s Caffè is an exclusive bar for guests only and it is at your service 24hrs a day.

  • Enrico´s cafe San Telmo Luxury Suites
San Telmo Luxury Suites - Romantic Hotel
Chile 437
Buenos Aires, 1098, Argentina
Call: +54 1143431888


San Telmo Luxury Suites - Romantic Hotel

Located in the very heart of San Telmo, a few meters from restaurants, cafes and antique shops, this fascinating 1867 Casona opens a window to one of the most magical and charming neighborhoods of Buenos Aires. Restored and decorated by renowned architect Carlos L Dibar who gave space to twelve luxurious Suites arranged in two loft floors, combining past and present in a very harmonious way.